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Lolita Wishlist (Updated 29/Jan/2010)

I thought I'd throw one in here c: and you clever people can tell me if I've gotten any of the names wrong
Favourites are in Pink!

AP Dressy Satin Frill JSK -*- AP Milky of the Fawn Jewelry JSK

AP Rose Garden JSK -*- AP Royal Pearl JSK

AP Cherry Berry Bunny JSK -*- AP Dressy Satin Frill Cutsew

AP Rose Ribbon Cutsew

AP Marine Satin Bow Cutsew -*- AP Lace Standing Collar Cutsew

AP Fancy Melody JSK -*- AP Mermaid Symphony JSK

AP Magical Etoile JSK & OP

AP Tiara Rose Tiered JSK -*- AP Wonder Party JSK

AP Powdered Rose Chest Ribbon JSK

AP Rose Toilete Skirt -*- AP Twinkle Mermaid Skirt

AP Sweet Jam Skirt -*- AP Tiara Rose Skirt

AP Milky of the Fawn Skirt

AatP Horoscope Baby Doll JSK -*- AatP Versailles Rose JSK

Aatp Gathered Chiffon JSK -*- Aatp Vampire Requiem JSK

AatP Victorian Card JSK
-^- Aatp Vampire Requiem Corset Skirt

BtSSB Tartan Check Ribbon Shirring Princess JSK 2 -^- BtSSB Magic Ice Cream JSK

BtSSB Maria Antonio OP -*- BtSSB Spring Princess OP

Bodyline Love Nadia Skirt
-^- Bodyline Rose Cameo Boots

Meta Happy Bouquet JSK

That's It!

Take Care Duckies
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