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How About An Art-Post?

Thought I'd post some of my recent arrttss because I've gotten through all my super old crap and onto colouring the linearts of mine that I actually like!

One of my most favourite ever! Mainly because I suck at poses :p lol So this was an achievement
And super datails make my eyes happy C:

Something that's not mainly black or purple for a change! And and and can you see how I got out of drawing legs? 8D I'm a diabolical genius sometimes lolololol
Green is ugly, so the roses are red and black lol

The start of the "omg I love Black Lolita Society" phase x____x and I used to LOVE Nana Kitade with a strange passion 8S lol
Fear my bloomer love!! >8D

And that's it so far :p

I'm bored, so if anyone wants to have me draw then let me know!
I can do pencil or marker colours
(but I only have skin tone, lilacs, a blue and a pink in pens)
And post them to you

Much Love & Take Care
Tags: busy, deviant art, egl, lolita, manga, money, picture post

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